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Fact vs. fiction

Which claims about food and health can you trust? Don’t count on celebrities, the latest headlines, industry-funded research studies, supplements, food labels, and ads. We separate the facts from fiction on health, food, weight loss, supplements, and more.

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Stirring up confusion

How celebrities shape our views about health

How do food fads and other evidence-free claims get their start? In some cases, celebrity influence helps stir up confusion. Celeb-endorsed, science-free bunk therapies run the gamut from fad diets and supplements to colonics, intravenous vitamin therapies, and homeopathy.

See through the fads
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When it comes to health, there are no guarantees. But you can hedge your bets by knowing how to eat healthy and lower your risk of illness.

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The latest

Have you heard these common food claims?

Should you eat only low-glycemic carbs? Quit worrying about salt? Toss your cooking oil? Go back to full-fat dairy? Not so fast.

Supplement facts vs. fiction

In the headlines

Newsflash! It’s no secret that surprising headlines sell…especially the latest food study. But maybe the news story fails to mention that the finding comes from a study in test tubes or one that can’t prove cause and effect. Or maybe the study is unpublished, inconsistent with better research, or industry funded. Or maybe the story simply repeats a press release’s mistakes.