vitamins and supplements

Vitamins & supplements

Which supplements are worth taking? (Hint: Not many.) Which are a waste, or can even be harmful? We look at the evidence for some popular supplements and conditions.

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Should you take a multivitamin?

Do you need a multivitamin? The short answer: We don’t know. But here's why taking a multi may make sense.

What to consider
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Vitamins and minerals, explained

How much of each vitamin and mineral do you need from foods and supplements combined? How much is too much?

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Buyer beware

Hoping to keep your brain sharp? Boost energy? Improve your mood? There’s a supplement for that…if you believe marketers. But many supplements don’t live up to their claims. And some—especially risky weight loss, sexual enhancement, or bodybuilding supplements—may even contain undisclosed illegal, dangerous drugs.

Drug interactions