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Restaurant food

Looking for healthier restaurant food? Here’s what to consider. Many of our examples are from chain restaurants, but the advice should hold up almost anywhere.

Xtreme Eating 2022

What to avoid

The 2022 Xtreme Eating Awards

Are these eight items the worst in America? Heck no. Are they extreme-worthy? You bet.

The "winners"

How to order healthy restaurant meals

Whether it’s Thai, Chinese, pizza, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, or any other cuisine, restaurant foods are often too high in calories, white flour, saturated fat, salt, or sugar. Meanwhile, vegetables, fruits, and other healthy plant foods can be sparse.

Calories on the menu

Turkey or tuna sandwich? Tacos or fajitas? Latte or mocha? Calorie counts might help you decide. And they're now required on menus at chain restaurants with 20 or more locations.

sweet and sour chicken with broccoli and white rice

Cuisine by cuisine

Counting calories in Thai, Chinese, Italian, etc.

Restaurant entrées (with sides) from many cuisines average 1,300 calories. Here's a look at Greek, Indian, Italian, Thai, Chinese food, and more.

See the dishes

Some past Xtreme Eating Award "winners"

Many dishes on chain restaurant menus are loaded with calories, saturated fat, sodium, or all three. But some are standouts. For years, we've given Xtreme Eating Awards to some of the worst.


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