CSPI on diversity, equity, and inclusion

CSPI is committed to including and valuing diverse voices and fostering a culture that ensures all staff feel a sense of belonging and are encouraged to be their best selves.

Historically, CSPI has been a predominantly white institution in terms of staff, board, and leadership. We are committed to taking intentional steps towards becoming a more diverse and inclusive workplace going forward. 

CSPI prides itself on being a watchdog that holds industry and government accountable for protecting the public. We commit to upholding the same standard of accountability in our workplace. 

We recognize that fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace will help us to find creative and effective solutions to our country’s most pressing and complicated public health challenges.

We commit to reflecting constructively on our own privileges and biases, and to listening when called to account for falling short on our commitments. We understand that such reflections may be uncomfortable, but believe they are necessary to forge a path toward equity and justice for all. 

In that spirit, each of us is committed to putting in constant work to live up to our organization’s core values:

We are inclusive. We seek to foster an environment where all staff feel a sense of belonging and are affirmed. We are not looking for everyone to think and look the same. We actively welcome and value staff with different experiences, backgrounds, attributes, abilities, and perspectives.

We are open. We are honest and direct in how we communicate with each other in order to build trust and integrity within our organization.

We are accountable. We acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions.

We are kind. We communicate and treat one another in a respectful, generous, considerate, and compassionate way.

We are collaborative. We work together for the common good and shared success.