NANA recommendations for Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2022

Urge Governor Newsom to Support Healthy School Meals

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This document details recommendations to Congress as it takes up Child Nutrition Reauthorization. As members of the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA), the signatory organizations support the reauthorization of child nutrition programs that:

  • Protects and strengthens evidence-based nutrition standards for school meals and other foods sold in schools;
  • Provides technical assistance and mandates public reports on progress to support schools in meeting the evidence-based standards;
  • Strengthens, expands, and protects access to child nutrition programs;
  • Supports and strengthens other programs and policies that help schools be successful in providing nutritious school foods; and
  • Supports and strengthens strong, comprehensive, culturally appropriate, and well-coordinated nutrition education programs.
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