Time to say goodbye to summer’s bounty? Not quite yet. September is all about tomatoes!

Among the staples and standouts:

Egg-shaped plum varieties like Roma (top left) are firmer, which makes them perfect for diced fresh salsa, slow-simmered marinara, canning, or slow-roasting.

Cherry tomatoes (top right) range from red/purple to yellow/orange (like bright Sungolds). Think of them as vegetable candy fit for snacking, salads, and more.

Delicate, pricey heirlooms (bottom right) need to be handled with care, which means they’re often grown close to home. The ultra-juicy flavor bombs are great as is...but they’re sublime with a bit of salt, a twist of fresh-ground pepper, and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil.

Look for heirlooms with taut skin that are heavy for their size.

Don’t be fooled by tangy green zebra tomatoes (bottom left), which stay green when ripe.

And don’t pass up tomatoes sold “on the vine.” Mmm.

So many tomatoes, so little time!

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