Big Tofu—that is, Nasoya—has launched its own Super Firm Organic Tofu. It’s about time!

Why try “super-firm” or “high protein” tofus (like Nasoya’s, Trader Joe’s, or Wildwood’s)?

  • Drain-free. Super-firm tofu comes vacuum-packed, which means little to no water to drain...and no mess.
  • Press-free. Got a recipe that calls for squeezing the excess water out of ordinary tofu? Think of super-firm tofu as pre-pressed. It can go pretty much straight from package to pan. Just open, blot dry, cube or slice, season, and sauté or bake.
  • Protein plus. Less water means that super-firm tofu has more protein per serving (14 grams in 3 ounces) than extra-firm (9 grams), firm (8 grams), or silken (4 grams).
  • Super soy. Tofu is essentially solid soymilk, which means it delivers a decent dose of calcium, magnesium, iron, and unsaturated (healthy) fat along with its beany protein.
  • More pluses. Unlike most meat, tofu is easy to cook...and hard to overcook. And plant protein goes easier on the planet than beef, pork, seafood, or chicken.

Try super-firm tofu in any recipe that calls for firm or extra-firm (but not soft or silken). To get started, try The Healthy Cook's simple Crispy Tofu recipe.

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