Summer. Winter. Whenever. Fresh blueberries are a supermarket mainstay. But in June (or July), the time is ripe to grab a locally grown pint.

Stay close. Head to a farmers market, U-Pick farm, or roadside stand, where the taste is near impossible to beat. Pick firm berries with smooth (not wrinkly) skin.

Freeze up. Got a bumper crop? Rinse, let dry, then spread in a single layer on a sheet tray. Freeze, transfer to a reusable container, and dig in when the season’s out. (Or look for yummy “wild blueberries” in most grocers’ freezer cases year-round.)

Branch out. Also now hitting farmers markets: gooseberries. Tart, sweet, tropical tasting; think of the green (see photo) or purple orbs as nature’s sophisticated Sour Patch Kids.

Perk up a salad. Try fresh blueberries with baby arugula, walnuts, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. Gooseberries can brighten up a green or grain salad, thanks to their firm yet juicy texture.

Soak up the nutrients. Each cup of blueberries delivers 4 grams of fiber, 25 percent of a day’s vitamin K, and 15 percent of a day’s vitamin C for only 80 calories. Gooseberries clock in at 6 grams of fiber plus half a day’s C.

So berry good!

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