“When we say we’ve got some big news, we mean Big Mouth big,” crowed Chili’s October press release announcing four new burgers.

“Because go big or go home, right? Two of the new Big Mouth Burgers boast two (yes, TWO) beef patties for a full pound of beef!”

Just what you—and our sweltering planet—need! Remember when people thought a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder was big? Half-pounders soon made them look puny. But that was just the start.

The Big Mouth Bacon Rancher, for example, packs two beef patties and six slices of bacon, plus American cheese. You’re talking 1,780 calories, 53 grams of saturated fat, and 2,780 milligrams of sodium—about a full day’s calories and sodium and more than two days’ sat fat.

Choose fries as your side, and you hit 2,200 calories. That’s like eating three Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese, but with only 3,440 mg of sodium. (The McD’s burgers hit 4,080 mg.)

“We can’t help you decide which one to try first but do highly recommend a #YOLO mentality and say go for all of them,” says Chili’s.

Yes, you only live once. And if Big Mouth Burgers help get you there a little sooner? Well, at least you went “big.”



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