“What is warm, delicious and comes in three flavors?” asked the October press release.

“Domino’s newest side item: Oven-Baked Dips, which pair perfectly with Domino’s Bread Twists. Customers can choose from three dip flavors: Cheesy Marinara, Five Cheese, and Baked Apple” to go with their Parmesan, Garlic, or Cinnamon Bread Twists.

What better side dish for a white-flour pizza with cheese than white-flour bread twists with cheese dips?

Take the Five Cheese Dip & Parmesan Bread Twists Combo. It packs 1,700 calories, 54 grams of saturated fat (2½ days’ worth), and 3,240 milligrams of sodium (nearly a 1½-day supply).

But you’d never know that from the online menu, which doesn’t mention sat fat or sodium. It lists just the 360 calories in 1 serving, which is “2 tbsp dip and 2 pieces twists.”

That’s odd, since the combo contains 6 servings of dip but only 4 servings of twists, according to Domino’s PR director.

That makes sense if, say, you’re splitting the order among four people who like twists-plus-dip and two who like dip...um, on a spoon...or on their pizza. Or maybe 360 calories just sounded better than 1,700 calories.

That’s Domino’s for you. Always looking out for, well, Domino’s.