“Bird Dawgs feature a hand-breaded chicken tender within a toasted split-top brioche bun, piled high with an array of sauces and toppings,” said Buffalo Wild Wings in a June press release.

You can choose Honey BBQ (“heaped high with” fries, ranch, and BBQ sauce), Buffalo (ranch, slaw, buffalo sauce), or Loaded (beer cheese, honey mustard). Each meal-size order has two Dawgs plus a side of fries. Hot dawg!

Take the Honey BBQ. How could you not love 1,580 calories, roughly 20 grams (a day’s worth) of saturated fat, 3,610 milligrams (a 1½-day supply) of sodium, and 42 grams (10 teaspoons) of sugar, most of it probably added?

It’s like eating two McDonald’s cheeseburgers plus 20 Chicken McNuggets slathered with two packets of BBQ sauce. The Loaded (1,440 calories) and Buffalo (1,340) meals aren’t far behind.

How does chicken rack up a full day’s saturated fat? The chain deep-fries it in “beef shortening.” Ditto for the fries, so even a side has 4½ grams of sat fat.

“Buffalo Wild Wings is always looking for unique ways to surprise guests,” said its chief marketing officer in the release.

A surprise, indeed.

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