CSPI comments to FDA re: Food standards of identity changes

FDA Warns Joseph Mercola Not to Market Products Making Fake Claims to Treat or Prevent COVID-19

CSPI submitted these comments to FDA's docket on "Food Standards; General Principles and Food Standards Modernization."

Food standards continue to play a key role in the American diet by defining the contents of staples like bread, pasta, milk, and cheese. While CSPI supports the FDA’s efforts to re-examine the standards of identity, we believe there are very few cases in which updating the standards would promote public health or honesty and fair dealing in the interest of consumers. Moreover, we are concerned that certain changes to the standards could introduce unintended negative consequences and/or confuse consumers about the quality or nutritional value of foods. We urge FDA to consider and prioritize the health and safety of consumers to the full extent possible under its regulatory authority as the agency endeavors to amend existing food standards and introduce new ones.

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