Updated Nutrition Facts labels coming July 2019, per Commissioner Gottlieb

Updated Nutrition Facts Labels Coming July 2019, Per Commissioner Gottlieb

Statement of CSPI Health Promotion Policy Director Jim O’Hara

According to reporting by Politico, updated Nutrition Facts labels will apparently finally be mandatory on packaged foods by July of 2019.  That’s a one-year delay for large companies and is the date already established for smaller companies. Given that some parties in the food industry were pushing for a longer, if not an indefinite, delay, this is relatively good news for consumers

The new labels, which put more prominent emphasis on calories, and for the first time, include an important new line for “Added Sugars,” will deliver great benefits to consumers.  As is evident from a stroll down a supermarket aisle, the updated label is already being adopted by many members of industryMost companies will continue to roll out new labels as supplies of their old labels run out.  Naturally, we will pay close attention to the specifics on any guidance relating to added sugars, fibers, and other nutrients that the administration offers in the coming months.