“Frozen Molten Chocolate Lava Cake from Favorite Day is great to have on hand when your sweet tooth calls,” says Target, which owns the Favorite Day line.

How convenient! Why wait for a special occasion to indulge, when you can stow a box (or two...or three) right in your freezer?

And your sweet tooth won’t be disappointed. Sugar is the first ingredient. Each single-serve, 3-inch-diameter cake supplies 6 teaspoons of added sugar—half a day’s worth. “Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a little extra sweetness,” suggests Target.

Hopefully, your saturated fat tooth is also calling, because each cake has 14 grams of the stuff—that’s 70 percent of a day’s worth. Along with its white flour, that largely explains how Favorite Day squeezes 390 calories into a cupcake-size snack.

It’s like eating 2 Hostess Ho Hos greased with a tablespoon of lard. Yum!

But why stop there? Favorite Day also sells frozen Tiramisu, Crème Brûlée, Apple Crumble Blossoms, and an Ultimate Cheesecake Collection. A serving of each supplies 240 to 480 calories, 26 to 60 percent of a day’s added sugar, and 30 to 96 percent of a day’s saturated fat.

Favorite Day brings “a little bliss in every bite,” says Target.

A little bliss, a lotta everything else.

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