Comment on proposed systematic review protocol regarding the relationship between types of dietary fat consumed and risk of cardiovascular disease

Comment on Proposed Systematic Review Protocol Regarding the Relationship between Types of Dietary Fat Consumed and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

A comment co-signed by CSPI nutrition director Bonnie Liebman and 20 leading cardiovascular disease and nutrition experts urging the DGAC to amend its proposed protocol on the relationship between types of dietary fat and cardiovascular disease risk. DGAC’s proposed protocol would exclude all studies published before 2000. This comment urges the committee to include the highest-quality randomized controlled trials (RCTs) conducted before 2000 (or to include systematic reviews or meta-analyses of those RCTs). Omitting pre-2000 RCTs would exclude much of the most crucial evidence needed to provide the public with science-based advice on dietary fats, according to the signatories.

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