Raley’s, the nation’s 27th largest grocer, is pledging to reduce candy at checkout by 25 percent, according to the company. The West Sacramento-based chain of 121 stores in California and Nevada will replace some candy with snacks such as granola bars and nuts and will reduce the portion sizes of its remaining candy options. In 2016, Raley’s eliminated sugar-sweetened soda at the register.

“Raley’s commitment is an encouraging step by the retailer to further improve food and beverage options at checkout,” said Julia McCarthy, senior nutrition policy associate at the Center for Science in the Public Interest.  “Retailers know that placing food and beverages at checkout is a powerful marketing strategy that induces customers to buy products on impulse that they might otherwise have avoided.” 

CSPI is working with advocates around the country to get candy, other junk food, and soda out of checkout; CSPI is currently working with local advocates on a campaign in Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI urging Meijer to adopt healthy checkout aisles. Raley’s stands with Aldi, CVS, Numero Uno, Northgate Gonzalez, and Coburn’s which have also taken steps toward healthier food and beverage options at checkout.