The succulent, crisp crowd-pleasers are a cross between regular green peas and snow peas. The result: a crunchy outer pod and sweet inner peas, both edible.

How to prep sugar snap peas

Just trim or snap off the ends of each pod and remove the string that runs down the seam. Or look for “string-less” snap peas.

If your peas are pre-washed, they make a perfect snack straight from the bag…or with a dollop of hummus or tzatziki.

Need a recipe?

Raw snap peas lend a sweet crunch to salads. Try our Healthy Cook's snap pea and radish salad. Or you can quickly stir-fry or steam them. The less cooking, the better.

What to look for

Look for smooth pods with bright green peas. Tip: If you wind up with a batch of tough pods, the peas inside may still be fine. Pop one open and give it a try.

And we’re talking green veggies, so you’ll get a good dose of fiber, iron, folate, and vitamins C and K, all for just 40-or-so calories per cup.

What a sweet deal. Pass the peas, please!


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