In this case, CSPI’s intervention led to a stronger settlement agreement for consumers with additional changes to Quorn’s label.

In March 2017, CSPI filed an amicus objection to the proposed settlement of a class action accusing Quorn of deceptive marketing.

Our Amicus Objection

We argued in our objection that the proposed settlement, in Birbrower v. Quorn Foods, Inc., would judicially condone continued deceptive advertising of Quorn by using the euphemistic term "mycoprotein" to disguise that the main ingredient of Quorn is mold, in addition to other serious misleading labeling practices.

We discussed that this is an important problem because just CSPI has received over 2,500 complaints about mold reactions to this product, many quite serious including one death.

On August 2018, CSPI withdrew its objection after Quorn agreed to additional labeling changes to better inform consumers that mycoprotein is a mold that has triggered adverse reactions in some consumers.