“The future of milk,” says Bolthouse Farms about its Plant Protein Milk, which gets its protein from peas.

Plant milks are surging. One reason: switching to a flexitarian-style diet—one that has more food from plants and less from animals—can help curb the greenhouse gas emissions that are fueling climate change.

And a flexitarian diet that will protect our children’s and grandchildren’s future has no more than one serving of dairy a day, say researchers.

Taste-wise, switching to plant based yogurt or cheese is tough. And many brands are lower in protein and other nutrients than their dairy cousins. But moving to plant milk is a breeze.

We’re soymilk fans, but not everyone is. Good thing pea protein can also turn plant milk into a near-perfect match for dairy.

A 110-calorie cup of Bolthouse Original has just 4 grams (1 teaspoon) of added sugar, plus enough added protein (10 grams), potassium, and vitamins A and D to roughly match milk.

Bolthouse also has about twice as much vitamin B-12 and 50 percent more calcium than dairy. Taking a calcium supplement? You may want to cut back.

If you want to skip the Original’s added sugar, the Unsweetened has none. Either beats the Vanilla (3 tsp.) or Chocolate (4 tsp.).

“Rich and creamy with a touch of sweetness,” says Bolthouse.


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Photo: Bolthouse.