“Since we debuted our original lemon garlic hummus at the Ithaca Farmers Market back in 2013, our mission has been to introduce America to its new favorite brand of hummus,” says the Ithaca Hummus website. “Nice to finally meet you.”

The pleasure is all ours. Ithaca’s “cold crafted” hummus handily won over our taste buds. Why? The company makes its chickpea dip using high levels of pressure instead of heat (or preservatives).

“Unlike most brands who blend their hummus while the chickpeas are still hot, we cool the chickpeas and blend our hummus cold to keep the ingredients fresh,” says Ithaca.

That’s why you can taste the sweet beets in the Lemon Beet, the fresh garlic in the Lemon Garlic, and the tart lemon in—our favorite—the Lemon Dill.

Don’t love lemon? Try the zingy Smoked Chipotle, the Roasted Red Pepper, or the Kalamata Olive. Or go with the Classic.

All supply healthy fat from sunflower oil and tahini, with 50 to 70 calories in two tablespoons. That’s typical for hummus. So is the sodium (95 to 120 milligrams).

With no preservatives, Ithaca stays fresh for about a week after you open it—that is, if you don’t gobble it up sooner.

Got some carrot sticks, cukes, crunchy snap peas, bell peppers, or whatever?

Take a dip from us.