Citrus season is in full swing. From mini clementines to mid-size navels to massive Sumos, it’s a smorgasbord. But did you know that there are oranges that aren’t orange inside? 

Blood oranges

On the outside, they range from unassuming orange to burgundy-tinged. On the inside, they go from blush (like the Tarocco variety) to deep, purplish red (like the Moro). Those striking hues are thanks to anthocyanins, the plant pigments that also show up in berries and pomegranates.

Cara Cara oranges

Their gorgeous pink flesh isn’t the whole ballgame. Cara Caras are also seedless, juicy, and oh-so sweet. (Like tomatoes and watermelon, they owe their color pop to lycopene.)

Like all oranges, Cara Caras and bloods supply a good dose of vitamin C, folate, and fiber. Bonus: Both have a delightfully sweet-tart taste.

If you can manage to resist eating them on the spot, toss segments into whole-grain sides (like tabouli) or leafy green salads. Or try them atop cottage cheese, zested and juiced in a vinaigrette, or added to sparkling water.

Both Cara Caras and blood oranges stick around in stores through spring, so you’ve got plenty of time to try them every which way. Enjoy!

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