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Black garlic?

No, it’s not garlic that’s gone bad. It’s garlic that’s gotten good. Really good.

Black garlic is regular garlic that has been aged until it gets dark, sticky, a little sweet, and much milder. It’s also brimming with umami—that is, a deep savoriness.

Whole Foods and many other grocers now sell whole black garlic heads in the produce aisle. How to use them?

Make black garlic sauce

Drizzle the Healthy Cook’s Black Garlic Sauce on sautéed (or sesame-crusted) tofu, chicken, or fish, or on roasted veggies. The sauce is potent, so you need only a tablespoon or so per 4 oz. of protein. And it keeps for weeks in the fridge.

Pump up mayo

Peel and mash a clove or two, then mix it into mayo. It’s a fabulous dip for breaded chicken or fish.

Add to a stir-fry

For an easy recipe, try the Healthy Cook's black garlic chicken stir-fry.

Or try dried black garlic, like a shaker of Trader Joe’s Ground Fermented Black Garlic. Use a few shakes to:

  • Season vegetables, turkey burgers, soups, or stews.
  • Sprinkle on top of avocado toast, hummus, eggs, name it.
  • Mix into a homemade salad dressing when you want a sweet, mild garlic taste.

Say hello to the new black gold.

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