In this matter, our demand letter led to an agreement with Campbells that requires new naming and imagery conventions for its Plum Organics line of baby and toddler foods.

In May 2015, CSPI's Litigation Department undertook an investigation of misleading labeling in the infant and toddler foods industry. CSPI found that consumers were commonly misled into believing they purchased nutritious foods, paying a premium price, because of names with fancy or healthy ingredients like Green Bean; Pear & Greek Yogurt; Kale Apple Mango; and Broccoli Red Lentil Oat.

In reality, many of the infant and toddler food products were not especially nutritious and were comprised predominantly of cheaper, sugar-laden ingredients like apple puree. By contrast, kale, quinoa, and the like, were often only minor ingredients.

CSPI's Litigation Department's investigation led to a pioneering agreement with Plum Organics (Campbells) that requires the name of its infant foods and the imagery on the front packaging to reflect predominant ingredients.