Two new studies link exercise to a lower risk of early death

Why exercise? The reasons keep on coming.

When researchers tracked 78,500 people aged 40 to 79, every 2,000 steps per day—up to around 10,000 per day—was linked to roughly a 10 percent lower risk of dying of any of 13 cancers or cardiovascular disease over the next seven years.

And in a study that followed 1,194 adults with prediabetes and 493 with diabetes, those who took 10,000 steps a day had a 25 percent lower risk of dying over nine years than those who took no more than 3,800 steps a day (for those with prediabetes) or 2,500 steps a day (for those with diabetes).

What to do

Keep moving. These studies can’t prove that staying active can keep you healthy, but the body of evidence that exercise cuts the risk of more than a dozen harms is compelling.

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