“We believe in snacking without compromise,” say packages of SkinnyPop Popcorn Mini Cakes.

“We start with clean and simple ingredients: 100% SkinnyPop Popcorn, sunflower oil, a little dash of sea salt, and—POP!—out comes the best tasting popcorn mini cakes.”

Okay. So fresh fruit or veggies they’re not. But when the urge for something crispy and crunchy and salty beckons, you no longer need to reach for the pretzels or chips.

A serving (around 20 mini cakes) of Sharp Cheddar—our favorite flavor—delivers just 120 calories and no saturated fat, with an impressive 4 grams of fiber... all of it from (whole-grain) popcorn. (Even whole-grain rice cakes seldom have more than a gram of fiber.)

And its sodium—135 milligrams—runs rings around, say, Quaker Cheddar Cheese Popped Rice Crisps (400 mg).

If you’re looking for a hint of sweetness, try the Cinnamon & Sugar Mini Cakes, at 120 calories and less than a teaspoon of added sugar.

And don’t forget full-size SkinnyPop Popcorn Cakes, which come in White Cheddar, Maple Brown Sugar, and Sea Salt flavors.

Like the minis, they’ve got few ingredients, great numbers, and great taste.

We’ll pop to that!


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Photo: Leah Ettman/CSPI.