“We’re defying all previous notions of beets,” promises Love Beets' website.

Praise be!

If you’re a beet fan, you know their downside: Washing, cooking, peeling, and prepping fresh beets is a messy labor of love.

Love Beets does all that for you. Its refrigerated beets are “harvested young for a sweeter taste, and then cooked until tender in our specially curated marinades.”

Start with the Mild Vinegar (ingredients: beets and vinegar). One 30-calorie serving (half the container, or 2/3 cup) is enough to perk up any salad…or to snack on straight from the package. Or try the zippy Honey + Ginger (45 calories and about a teaspoon of added sugar).

Let’s be honest. Beets don’t have the superfood status of, say, spinach or kale. But they’re no slouch in the nutrient department. Each serving delivers about 2 grams of fiber, 20 percent of a day’s folate, and a decent dose of potassium and magnesium (5 percent of a day’s worth for each).

Feeling more ambitious? Try Love Beets’ unseasoned Cooked Beets (or Trader Joe’s Baby Beets). Just chop or slice and toss with mixed greens, shredded or grated carrot, and a mustard vinaigrette. Or sprinkle with fresh herbs like chives, parsley, and dill.

“Stay true to your roots,” the package implores. With these beets, that’s easy.


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Photo: Love Beets