Could eating healthy protein foods lower your risk of memory loss?

Researchers tracked roughly 77,000 people for 20 years. They measured “subjective cognitive decline” by asking questions like “Do you have more trouble than usual remembering recent events?” and “Do you have trouble finding your way around familiar streets?”

The risk of cognitive decline was 38 percent lower for every 3 servings per week of beans the people ate. It was 14 percent lower for every 3 weekly servings of skinless chicken and 7 percent lower for every 3 weekly servings of fish. In contrast, the risk was 16 percent higher for every 3 weekly servings of hot dogs.

Though the scientists “adjusted” for education, income, exercise, family history of dementia, and more, something else could explain the link between healthy proteins and memory.

What to do

Eat healthy protein foods. There’s solid evidence that they can protect your heart, so why not?

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