Want to mix up your salad? Lettuce help.

Supermarkets are awash in baby kale, baby spinach, baby arugula, and other young’uns.

When you don’t want the robust taste of darker greens, try a mellow baby butter lettuce blend. The butter babies are as sweet as the grown-ups.

Like just about any greens, they offer fiber, vitamins A and K, and folate for next to no calories (just 20 or so in two cups).

Fresh Express blends green butter lettuce with the iron-rich red variety, which gives its Sweet & Crunchy salad a pop of color. Ditto for Organicgirl Butter, Plus!

Baby spinach fan? It’s in butter blends like Fresh Express Tender Ruby Reds and Earthbound Farm Organic Spinach + Butter.

Any of them would make a dynamite salad...our Dish of the Month, for example.

And don’t forget full-sized heads of butter lettuce (often called Boston or Bibb). Their perfectly sized round leaves are ideal for sandwiches or lettuce cups.

For a satisfying crunch, try Little Gems. They’re like personal heads of romaine. If you buy them at a farmers market, there’s no plastic packaging.

Organicgirl sells Little Gem leaves year-round in supermarkets. “The best of both worlds,” says the website. “Sweet like butter and crunchy like romaine.”

Talk about a sweet deal.

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