The supermarket chain Meijer is the 7th largest grocer in the country with more than 230 stores across 6 states. A recent assessment of their checkout aisles revealed that only 3% of the food options at checkout are healthier products. Some stores even offer fountain soda near the register.  

Sugar-sweetened beverages at a Meijer checkout lane.

Placing junk foods—many of which are designed to attract children’s attention—near the cash register is a powerful form of marketing that stores and food manufacturers use to boost sales.  Many people, including children, struggle to eat well. The last thing we need is supermarkets pushing junk food on us at checkout. Shoppers want stores to make it easier to eat healthfully, and more than three-quarters think that soda and candy should not be sold at checkout.

Meijer states that “offering products and services to help our customers lead healthier lives” is a core value. We are asking Meijer to stand behind its core values and remove junk food from checkout in each of its stores in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. 

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