When it comes to your appetite, do expectations matter?

In a recent study, researchers tested whether you eat more at lunch if you think you ate a small breakfast.

The researchers told 26 people that they were being served a larger omelet (made with 4 eggs and 2 oz. of cheddar cheese) on one day and a smaller omelet (made with 2 eggs and 1 oz. of cheese) on another. In fact, they were served a 460-calorie omelet made with 3 eggs and 1½ oz. of cheese on both days.

Participants ate about 70 more calories of an all-you-can-eat pasta lunch on the “small-omelet” day than on the “large-omelet” day.

What to do

Keep in mind that how much you eat may depend on more than hunger.

Photo: stock.adobe.com/Lightfield Studios.