The Center for Science in the Public Interest will no longer update its Twitter/X account to promote CSPI's work. Following Elon Musk's takeover of the platform, the volume and frequency with which extremist, transphobic, and white supremacist content is promoted has become impossible to ignore, and even less possible to engage with.  

This choice is rooted in our commitment to fostering a safe online environment and our values of equity, inclusivity, and diversity. At CSPI, we value diverse voices and aim to foster a culture of belonging, and we cannot align ourselves with a platform that is actively encouraging and promoting content contrary to these values.  

Furthermore, with its decline in functionality, Twitter/X no longer serves as an effective tool to engage with our current supporters, explore conversations with new audiences, and advance CSPI’s work to build healthy and sustainable food systems for all. 

For these reasons, CSPI will no longer participate in any activities—including posting new content, sharing others’ tweets, or responding to questions or other inquiries—on Twitter/X. 

Please follow us on Instagram and Threads, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where readers and followers can continue to find informative videos, news about CSPI's work and issues, and the same fact-based research and advocacy as always. We encourage readers, NutritionAction subscribers, and supporters of CSPI's work and values to follow and engage with us on these social media platforms going forward.