Nancy Fink (she/her/hers) is the Campaign Manager Sugary Drinks. She works strategically to help spark and support initiatives by national, state and local organizations, policymakers, and advocates to build synergy and national momentum for policies that address overconsumption of sugary drinks. She coordinates CSPI’s SSB field leadership events (including Sugary Drink Summits), goals and strategies; serves on SSB reduction-focused coalitions and workgroups to cultivate partnerships to grow support for campaign goals to reduce consumption of sugary drinks; develops well-written, persuasive materials, such as reports, fact sheets, letters, testimony, talking points, and social media; and, provides technical assistance, materials, resources, and strategic advice to sugary drink tax campaigns.

Prior experience

Nancy has been advocating for healthy eating measures including school nutrition standards, calorie labeling and the sugary drink tax since 2002, when she discovered that her daughters’ school had a dozen junk food vending machines in the school cafeteria. 

She was the executive director of the New York State Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Alliance, which helped enact nutrition policies and practices across the state. She has testified before state, county and local legislatures, and, the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee on the need for sensible nutrition policies. She has organized and led conferences to educate on the importance of a healthy food environment. She facilitated a New York State task force to create and disseminate the Healthy Kids/Healthy New York After-School Initiative toolkit for after-school providers. Nancy is a graduate of Emory University.

Joined CSPI

Nancy joined CSPI in March 2020.

What's the most inspiring part of your job?

"I am inspired by healthy changes in our food environment, which are often hard-fought and don't happen overnight. I'm most inspired by the talented, passionate staff at CSPI, which is dedicated to enacting these changes around the nation and ensuring that our food system is healthy, sustainable and equitable."