Aviva Musicus (she/her/hers) directs CSPI's Science Department. Her team helps to facilitate and strengthen transparency, use of best available science evidence, and rigorous scientific methods throughout CSPI's work. 

Prior experience

Prior to joining CSPI, Aviva was a Nutrition Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, where she is now an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Nutrition. She has conducted extensive research on food labeling, food marketing, federal assistance programs, and institutional procurement. Aviva holds a doctorate in Nutrition from the Harvard Chan School of Public Health and a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from Yale University.

Joined CSPI

Aviva first joined CSPI in June 2013 and left to pursue her doctorate in 2015; she returned in the Science Director role in April 2023.

What's the most inspiring part of your job?

"I love being able to translate scientific findings to inform CSPI's advocacy work, to ensure that we're pushing for evidence-based change that can improve population health."