A legacy gift in your will or other estate plan is a powerful way to protect the people most important to you by supporting the causes you believe in. And it costs you nothing today.

Estate planning can be difficult and time consuming...but it doesn't have to be. FreeWill's free online tool makes it easy to write your will or make beneficiary designations in less than 20 minutes. 

More than 300,000 Americans have used FreeWill to create or update their estate plans. To join them, visit FreeWill.com/CSPI.

While you're there, please consider leaving a legacy gift to CSPI. 

Your generous support will help sustain our research and advocacy programs for a healthy, safe, and equitable food supply for all for generations to come. 

Go to FreeWill.com/CSPI to help protect the people and causes most important to you.

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