You’ve probably walked right by them at the supermarket. On the outside, they look like any other kiwi. But on the inside, there’s yellow (not green) flesh, a smaller core, fewer seeds, and sweeter, less tangy fruit.

Say hello to the dazzling gold kiwi. Zespri, New Zealand’s kiwi-growing giant, spent a decade cross-breeding kiwis to develop SunGold, the most popular gold variety.

Let yours ripen on the kitchen counter until they yield to slight pressure, like a ripe avocado or peach. Once ripe, they’ll last for a week or two in the fridge.

Then dig in. Gold kiwi’s un-fuzzy skin means you can eat it without peeling. Not gonna do that? Just cut in half and spoon out the flesh. And they’re not just for snacking. Add ripe-but-firm kiwi to salads. 

News alert: SunGold’s peak season starts now and runs through November. A smaller Italian crop means you might still find golds through February.

Bonus: Any kiwi—gold or green—is nutrient rich. Take vitamin C. A serving of two greens has nearly 1½ days’ worth. Two golds double that.

Both types also supply a good dose of potassium, folate, vitamins E and K, and fiber, though greens have more K and twice the fiber (assuming you don’t eat the golds’ skin). That’s for just 40 to 50 calories apiece.

So go ahead. Go for the gold.
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Photo: Zespri.