“Keep your 6 packs close and everyone else 6 feet away,” urged Bud Light’s April 1 tweet.

Then this, three days later: “Stay home and drink beers.”

And on April 5, the coup de Bud: “When you’re quarantined and have lost all concept of time.” Below it, the words “DAY DRINK.”

Just when people were penned in, missing friends, family, their normal lives, and maybe even lost jobs or lost loved ones, Budweiser was there to help...its bottom line.

So what if encouraging people to “day drink” leads to one drink too many? So what if quarantine-plus-excess-alcohol ups the odds of child or spouse abuse?

Alcohol sales jumped 55 percent in the third week of March—and online sales were up 243 percent—compared to the same period a year ago, reportedFood Dive in April.

How much was for today and how much was stockpiling? Who knows? Either way, Budweiser’s tweets weren’t exactly a public service.

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