"We wanted to dial up the indulgence level with this unique line of flavors, which entirely challenges HOW you eat this ice cream," said Dena Wimette, the company's Innovation Guru, in a press release announcing Ben & Jerry's Topped ice creams.

Thank goodness! there's one thing B&J needs, it’s dialed-up indulgence. Why stop with ice cream, when you can add "chocolatey" ganache? ("Chocolatey" usually means not real chocolate.) B&J wouldn't tell us which of the ingredients on its label—coconut oil, perhaps?—are in the ganache.

The Thick Mint (“mint ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls & mint chocolate cookie balls topped with chocolate cookies & chocolatey ganache”) squeezes 420 calories into a modest 2/3-cup serving.

Add to that 13 grams of saturated fat and 31 grams (7½ teaspoons) of added sugar—two-thirds of a day’s worth of each. It’s like eating 10 Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies—nearly a third of a box.

Since each pint holds just three servings, the label also has to list Nutrition Facts for the entire container. Now you’re talking 1,250 calories plus nearly two days’ worth of sat fat and added sugar. Urp.

Ben & Jerry’s already sells a line of ice creams with a Cookie Dough Core (“more dough than you ever thought possible”) and bags of Cookie Dough Chunks (most are largely white flour, sugar, and butter). Clearly, that’s not enough.

After all, indulgence knows no end.