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Since 1974, Nutrition Action has helped its readers sort through the noise on food and health. We’re completely independent, because we accept no advertising and take no government or industry donations. That way, we’re free to tell it like it is.

What that means for you:

  • We name names. We break down what to eat —and what to avoid—when it comes to brand-name packaged foods, fresh foods, and restaurant dishes.
  • We tell you what’s in your food. We expose deceptive labels, misleading ads, and even useless or dangerous supplements.
  • We help you stay healthy. Our scientists and nutrition experts sort through the latest studies and interview leading researchers to give you a bottom line in clear, simple language.
  • We help you eat delicious, real food. That’s where our recipes from The Healthy Cook, Kate Sherwood, come in.

Nutrition Action issues are published 10 times a year, and our readers get access to the issue archives, plus extra articles, tips, and recipes—all at

For guides that help you eat right, cook delicious and healthy recipes, keep up on the latest research, and avoid unsafe food, shop our Nutrition Action store.

Our policies

  • Any products we recommend have been vetted by our staff and are not advertisements by the manufacturers.
  • The products we evaluate or sources we cite may have changed since our publication date. Be sure to check food labels for the most up-to-date Nutrition Facts and ingredient information.
  • Our content is not intended to provide medical advice, which should be obtained from a qualified health professional.
  • The use of information from our website for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without written permission from CSPI.
  • CSPI accepts no donations from government or corporations, and Nutrition Action remains free of all advertising.

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