Study: Unhealthy food marketing on commercial educational websites

Yesterday, The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a commentary titled "Unhealthy Food Marketing on Commercial Educational Websites: Remote Learning and Gaps in Regulation" co-authored by Senior Policy Associate Sara Ribakove. Thpiece discusses the current use of online learning platforms as part of remote learning and the concerns around the allowance of food marketing on these platforms.

A review of over 500 children’s educational websites found that approximately 60% have ads or unclear policies around advertising. For food companies, this offers an unparalleled opportunity to access children online and to market unhealthy foods. 

The commentary highlights the need for clearer guidance from USDA to prevent food and beverage marketing on websites and apps promoted as educational or used to supplement remote learning. Such actions would complement other school wellness policies prohibiting food and beverage marketing in schools. Read the full article here.