The Center for Science in the Public Interest mourns the sudden passing of our beloved colleague and friend Emily (Caras) Snyder

The CSPI community is shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of our beloved colleague and friend Emily Snyder on Thursday, September 17th. Emily was 33.

Emily was a brilliant strategist and campaigner, most recently leading CSPI’s Heathy Retail Project. She was a tireless consumer advocate, dedicated to helping people and families have access to healthy and nutritious food.

Emily has been a member of the CSPI family for nearly five years. She was a registered dietitian, and she was passionate about transforming the food environment to make the healthy choice the easy choice for all consumers. She first joined the staff in 2011 as a nutritionist for CSPI’s Nutrition Action Healthletter immediately after completing Cornell University’s Dietetic Internship Program. In 2013, she joined CSPI’s Food Day project, and shortly thereafter joined the Nutrition Policy department as a policy associate focusing on healthy retail initiatives. In 2016 Emily moved to New York City to lend her nutrition expertise to an organization providing medically tailored meals for people living with severe illness. We were disappointed when Emily left the CSPI staff but we knew she’d continue to be a tireless advocate in the food, nutrition and health arena, and would continue to impact people’s lives. And she did.

We were thrilled and grateful when she decided to return to the CSPI staff in May of this year to help lead our healthy retail campaigns. She quickly became a trusted resource and friend to many of her colleagues, some of whom had only been at CSPI for a few months.

The CSPI community remembers Emily as a fierce champion for change and a person who engaged meaningfully with everyone with whom she came into contact. She was an exceptional person – passionate, smart, organized, and wonderful to work with. We will deeply miss her cheerful disposition, her optimistic outlook, her curiosity, and her compassion.

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