CSPI partners with 30 organizations across 23 states

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is partnering with 30 organizations from diverse communities in 23 states and Washington, DC, to drive policy change in food and nutrition. The partnerships are made possible by a generous grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

The grant-funded partner organizations are in the forefront of CSPI’s national advocacy campaigns, working to advance innovative policies to support public health, especially for low-income communities and communities of color, and to increase the availability of nutritious food and beverages in schools, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Unhealthy eating contributes to an estimated 529,000 deaths each year in the United States, primarily through heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. The new partnerships will accelerate CSPI’s work to engage diverse populations in support of healthier food environments in the following areas:

  • Strengthening the nutrition and public health benefits of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
  • Supporting healthy and free school lunch and breakfast for all students.
  • Ensuring that restaurants offer healthy options for kids.
  • Including calorie counts in online menus and food delivery service offerings and exploring menu icons for salt and sugar at restaurants.
  • Promoting healthy food and drinks in grocery store displays, such as at checkouts, end-of-aisle displays, and at store entrances.

“There has never been a more urgent time to restore and rebuild healthier and more resilient communities,” said CSPI president Peter Lurie. “Our state and local partners will be driving the engine of this campaign using sugary drink and other health policy levers to promote the public health, while addressing racial disparities and facing down industry’s aggressive marketing to children.”

The 30 grantees announced today are:

  • American Heart Association - Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Washington State
  • Bay Area Community Resources - California
  • Center for Black Health and Equity – Georgia, Louisiana and Ohio
  • Children’s Defense Fund – Ohio
  • Community Farm Alliance - Kentucky
  • DC Greens - Washington, DC
  • Denver Health and Hospital Foundation - Colorado
  • Detroit Food Policy Council - Michigan
  • Dr. Yolanda Hancock (Delta Health and Wellness Consulting, LLC) - Maryland
  • End Hunger Connecticut - Connecticut
  • Florida Impact to End Hunger - Florida
  • Healthy Active Oregon - Oregon
  • Healthy Savannah - Georgia
  • Healthy School Food Maryland - Maryland
  • Healthy Schools Campaign - Illinois
  • Hunger Free Colorado - Colorado
  • Illinois Public Health Institute - Illinois
  • Moms Rising Education Fund - North Carolina
  • Nebraska Appleseed - Nebraska
  • Public Health Advocates - California
  • Public Health Institute - California
  • Real Food for Kids - Virginia
  • Rhode Island Food Policy Council - Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island Public Health Institute - Rhode Island
  • Sugar Free Kids Maryland - Maryland
  • Sustainable Food Center - Texas
  • The Harkin Institute - Iowa
  • Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy - Columbia University - New York
  • University of Arkansas Foundation, UAMS - Arkansas
  • Urban Health Partnerships - Florida

For more information about grant partnerships, email grants@cspinet.org.