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Preventing Disease

Colorectal cancer: 5 ways to cut your risk

It was a success story. Colorectal cancers dropped by 46 percent from 1985 to 2019. But rates are now rising in people under 55. And colorectal cancer will still kill 53,000 Americans in 2024—more than any cancer other than lung. Here’s the latest on how to lower your risk.

What to know
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Preventing disease

Can sodas help your gut health?

“Soda with benefits.” “Microbiome approved.” “A new kind of soda.” The latest crop of fizzy drinks like Olipop, Poppi, and SunSip are healthier than a sugary Pepsi or Coke. That much is clear. But do these pre- and probiotic sodas “support” your digestive health?

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Quick Studies

A snapshot of the latest research on diet, exercise, and more

Are microplastics linked to heart attacks and strokes? Do D-mannose supplements help prevent UTIs? Does an Ozempic-like drug slow early Parkinson's? We look at those new studies, plus others on portion sizes, plate sizes, dairy and frailty, beef protein and strength, and keeping your brain sharp. 

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