This lawsuit resulted in a settlement agreement requiring Naked to revise its labels, giving consumers a clearer understanding of what is actually in the products.

The Lawsuit

In October 2016, CSPI’s Litigation Department and its co-counsel filed a lawsuit on behalf of several classes of consumers against PepsiCo claiming that its Naked Juice line of beverages are marketed and labeled in a false and misleading manner.

Products like Naked’s Kale Blazer, for example, claim to be comprised predominantly of kale, “veggies," and “dark leafy goodness.” But Naked Juices, including Kale Blazer, are made predominantly of sugary fruit juices, not dark leafy vegetables.

The Settlement

In February 2017, the parties reached a Settlement Agreement. As part of that Agreement, the parties aligned on certain principles designed to help consumers readily identify the nature and contents of Naked Juice products. In particular, Naked agreed to revise the imagery and other elements of the label when necessary to more clearly reflect predominant ingredients.