Peter G. Lurie, MD, MPH

I hope you enjoy this issue of Nutrition Action. As usual, it offers an unbiased dive into the science on food and health, tips to find the best—and dodge the worst—picks at the supermarket, and mouth-watering recipes.

Our award-winning healthletter is at the heart of our mission to serve as America’s Food and Health Watchdog and provide you with science-based news and analysis of the latest research.

These days, that matters more than ever.

You can’t check the news without seeing clickbait headlines about shocking new findings! The food industry is busy funding—and sometimes slanting—self-serving research.

CSPI's vice president for nutrition testifies before Congress for calorie counts on menus.

We scrutinize scores of conflicting studies and talk to leading researchers to zero in on the top-notch evidence that we deliver to you.

But Nutrition Action isn’t all we do at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), the healthletter’s nonprofit publisher. Our team of scientists, lawyers, and advocates translates science into action.

Here’s the rub: The cost of your annual subscription doesn’t begin to pay for our work—with Congress, the FDA, the USDA, and companies—to fight for a safe and healthy food supply.

CSPI's deputy director of regulatory affairs speaks about Chipotle's food safety record.

It’s thanks in large part to CSPI’s efforts that you see Nutrition Facts labels on packaged foods and calorie counts on menus at chain restaurants, movie theaters, supermarket delis, and convenience stores. It’s why you no longer encounter deadly artificial trans fat in your food, why you see allergens and added sugars listed on food labels, and why the FDA recently removed seven carcinogens from the food supply.

Because we take no donations from corporations or the government and accept no advertising in Nutrition Action, CSPI remains free of political or corporate influence. That means we need the generous support of people like you to bring you reliable, life-saving information and overhaul the food system to make it easier for you to eat healthier.

Thank you.

Peter G. Lurie, MD, MPH, President Center for Science in the Public Interest

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