Unfamiliar with fennel? Here are four ways to break the ice.

1. Raw fennel

Trim off the stalks, cut the white bulb in half from top to bottom, and remove the core with a V-shaped cut at the bottom of each half. Now you’re ready to slice it thinly. (A mandoline comes in handy here.)

Say hello to a new flavor and texture to toss into slaws and salads like The Healthy Cook’s Dish of the Month.

2. Sautéed fennel

Sauté sliced fennel with other spring standouts like asparagus, edamame, and leeks. Check out our Spring Edamame recipe.

3. Roasted fennel

Raw fennel is crunchy with a mild anise (licorice-y) flavor. But fennel roasted at high heat (say, 425° F) turns into something else entirely—softer, a little nutty-tasting, a bit sweet. Mmm.

4. Fennel fronds

A veggie bonus: If your fennel bulb comes with its dark green feathery fronds still attached, chop and use them like fresh soft herbs. Save the tough stalks for making vegetable stock.

Flavor aside, fennel offers a nice dose of fiber, potassium, and vitamins C and K...all for next to no calories (25 per cup).

Fennel is a member of the carrot family. Time to welcome it to yours?

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