“DiGiorno Croissant Crust Pizza combines the buttery, light, flakiness of a croissant with our famous DiGiorno tomato sauce and 100% real cheese,” says the box.

“Our pizza is made from the best ingredients and baked in the freshest place—your oven,” adds DiGiorno’s website.

Yes, indeed. The new Three Meat pizza is a veritable stockpile of “best ingredients,” from white flour and palm oil to mechanically separated chicken, sodium nitrite, dehydrated potatoes, corn syrup solids, modified cornstarch, hydrolyzed corn protein, pork fat, gelatin, BHT, BHA, and more.

Just like homemade!

It’s the palm-oil-rich margarine that makes the butter-free pizza so “buttery” and that may explain why it’s got nearly twice the saturated fat of DiGiorno’s Three Meat Rising Crust Pizza. Each Croissant serving has 410 calories plus 840 milligrams of sodium and 10 grams of saturated fat (half a day’s worth). And that’s for just a fifth of a 12-inch pizza.

“We’ve been actively working to improve the nutrition profile of our pizzas while ensuring they always taste great, including reducing sodium and calories from saturated fat,” says the company’s website. Not actively enough.