“Chock full of thick, juicy cuts of smoked and pork sausages, our Double Sausage & Bacon Loaded Tots mixes crispy bacon, golden tater tots, fluffy scrambled eggs, and decadent queso cheese sauce,” says the box of Devour All Day Breakfast.

“So whether it’s dawn or dusk, these tasty tots are tricked out with all the meats for whenever your breakfast craving hits.”

That’s right. Dawn, dusk, or anytime in between, breakfast is waiting! Who needs fresh fruit, whole grains, nuts, or low-fat dairy when you can reach into the freezer for a tray of roughly 50 ingredients, including two cancer-causing processed meats, pasteurized process cheese, cornstarch, disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate, sodium acid sulfate, modified cornstarch, xanthan gum, corn syrup solids, sodium phosphates, and sodium nitrite?

It’s only a 9 oz. package, but Kraft Heinz manages to pack in 430 calories and more than half a day’s sat fat (12 grams) and sodium (1,280 mg). Nice going!

Want another meat-and-potatoes (or white-flour) extravaganza? Try Devour’s Biscuits, Bacon & Creamy Sausage Gravy, Spicy Chorizo Queso Hash, or Steak N’ Eggs with Creamy Gravy.

“All food should be mouth-watering,” says the box. “Period. End of story.”

Um, don’t be so sure.

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