Wondering how you can shrink your carbon and water footprints? The Environmental Protection Agency is a good place to start. Its website can help you use less fuel to heat or cool your home, find energy-saving appliances, save water, and switch from fossil fuels to renewable solar, wind, or hydropower. And, of course, don’t forget to press your state and federal legislators to support clean energy policies.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

carbon footprint calculator

The calculator gives a rough estimate of your carbon footprint based on your home energy use, your transportation choices, and how much waste you recycle. You can also estimate how much small changes—like using cool water in the wash or line-drying your clothes—can curb your CO2 emissions...and save you cash.

Energy Star Home Advisor

energy star

Want a more thorough view of your energy use than the Carbon Footprint Calculator? To size up your heating, cooling, appliances, insulation, and more, use the Energy Star Home Advisor.

WaterSense & more

Water Sense

Replacing appliances? Look for the WaterSense label. Got a leaky toilet? It can waste 200 gallons a day. The EPA’s website has a how-to for fixing leaks, plus other water-saving tips.

Green power options

green power options

You may be able to power your home with wind or solar energy either from your utility company or an independent green power supplier. And check out the Energy Star page for tips on purchasing energy that is certified “green.”


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