Government food purchasing and service: Landscape assessment resources

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This section contains resources to conduct a landscape assessment to understand a government or institution’s food purchasing and food service activities at baseline. Conducting a landscape assessment is a best practice to enable tailored policy development.  

Landscape Assessment Resources

  • Landscape Assessment Worksheet (2021) | Center for Good Food Purchasing: This worksheet is intended to provide a starting point for exploring and navigating the laws and policies related to values-based institutional food procurement in a region, to inform the development of future policy or advocacy campaigns. In the companion report, more information is available for each question and recommendations are provided for potential action steps.
  • Food Service Guidelines Organizational Assessment Tool (n.d.) | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: This tool can be tailored and used to collect information about where food is served or sold in a government agency or institution and assess the current status of food service guidelines in places where food is served and sold.