“The Reese’s brand is here to save your morning with new Reese’s Snack Cakes, a first-of-its-kind, mid-morning cake treat by the Reese’s brand you love,” gushed Hershey’s press release.

“We wanted to create the perfect treat for Reese’s fans to satisfy that mid-morning sweet tooth. We know that sometimes you just don’t want to wait until lunch—that’s how Reese’s Snack Cakes were born!”


How did we ever get through the morning without 380 calories’ worth of sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate, skim milk, milk fat, lactose, lecithin, peanuts, palm and palm kernel oil, wheat flour, glycerin, corn syrup, partially defatted peanuts, dextrose, tapioca starch, corn syrup solids, xanthan gum, artificial flavor, TBHQ, and some dozen other ingredients?

And how did we ever manage to make it to lunch without snacking on more than half a day’s added sugars (7½ teaspoons) and saturated fat (11 grams)?

Two two-packs of Reese’s Butter Cup candies (420 calories) pack just 40 more calories than one two-pack of Snack Cakes (380).

“Now you can indulge in a Reese’s treat any time of day,” said the press release.

“Consider morning officially saved. #NotSorry.”

Of course you’re not, Reese’s.

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